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For Visitors

Q Do I need an avatar to visit?

  • You do not need to have your own 3D avatar. All PC-VRChat venues, Cross-Platform venues and Web Browser Venues come with ready-made avatars.
    If you have your own avatar, you are welcome to use it in Vket. However, please note that available avatars may vary among venue worlds.
    *Please do not use avatars that are or may be offensive or infringe the rights of third parties.

Q Can I take pictures, videos or stream?

  • You may freely photograph, film, and stream Virtual Market 2024 Summer as well as upload them to social media; our official hashtag is #vket.
    It is also permitted, as a part of the Terms of Exhibition, that the exhibited space's appearance and contents may appear in photographs and videos.
    Also, visitors should agree that their avatars/motion/audio can be included in other visitors' photography, video, or live stream.

Q Does the event support Standalone VR Devices / Android Devices?

  • If you are using Standalone VR Devices / Android Devices, you may visit Cross-Platform venue worlds only.
    To access the PC worlds, please use Quest Link or other methods and enter the PCVR version of VRChat.

Q Can I visit the event without a VR device?

  • Yes, venue worlds are available for PC and Android devices for non-VR environments as well.
    Using the "desktop mode" on PC, you can visit PC Venue worlds and Cross-Platform Venue worlds.
    On Android devices supported by VRChat, you can visit the Cross-Platform Venue worlds.
    Also, you can visit the Web Browser venue of the event with a smartphone browser as well as PC.

Q Can I visit the event without PC?

  • Yes, the Cross-Platform Venue worlds are available for Android Devices supported by VRChat.
    Also, you can visit the Web Browser venue of the event with a smartphone browser as well as PC.

Q Web browser venue is extremely laggy and slow.

  • The issue is likely to be caused by the Hardware Acceleration not enabled.
    If you are using Chrome, open Settings, select System, and activate "Use hardware acceleration when available".

For Exhibitors

Q Is there any fee required for exhibition?

  • For PC Venues, 3,300 JPY (including tax) is required for exhibiting "Space Exhibitions", 1,100 JPY (including tax) for exhibiting "Item Exhibitions".
    For Cross-Platform Venues, 2,200 JPY (including tax) is required for exhibiting "Space Exhibitions", 1,100 JPY (including tax) for exhibiting "Item Exhibitions".
    Exhibiting "Group Exhibitions", "Video Exhibitions", and "Portal Exhibitions", is free of charge both for PC / Cross-Platform Venues.

Q Can I pay the exhibition fee even if I don't have a credit card?

  • Cards like debit cards and virtual cards or Paypal can be used. However, debit cards may not be accepted depending on the type, nationality, and other conditions.
    Since we cannot make individual judgments, please try to make a payment when you are selected and if you are unable to use it, please consider using a virtual card.

Q Can I exhibit even if I am not playing VRChat?

  • VRChat account is required for exhibiting in VRChat venue (different from Steam account).
    Please note that you will not be able to upload try-on-avatars to try on until your user rank (trust value) rises to New User.

Q Is it possible to exhibit even if I don't have VR equipment?

  • Yes, you can exhibit and submit your space without VR equipment. You can also enter the VRChat venue in "desktop mode" without VR.

Q Is it possible to exhibit with Mac, tablet or smartphone?

  • For Space Exhibitions created by using Vket Booth Maker, or exhibitions submitted by web submission pages such as Group Exhibitions, Portal Exhibitions, and Video Exhibitions, the submission progress can be done on non-Windows environments.
    However, as checking the final appearance of exhibits requires entering the Preview world in VRChat, we recommend to prepare a Windows environment.
  • For System requirements to use the Vket Booth Maker, please refer to the My Vket Help page.
  • No, you will need a Windows PC to submit your space data.

Q Can I ask exhibitors to display models and other items on collaboration/consignment?

  • Collaboration/Consignment exhibition is allowed. However, it is prohibited to exhibit the same contents in multiple exhibitor spaces, so please make sure to consign to only one exhibitor.
    However, it is not prohibited to use the same 3D models as other exhibitors in areas that are not the main contents of the exhibition, such as using VRoid default models or free avatars as mannequins. If in doubt, please contact us.
    Note that a single exhibitor may exhibit the same contents at up to 1 space each in PC world and Quest world.

Q If I am not selected in a drawing, can I participate in other exhibitors as a joint booth?

  • A "joint booth" is possible in the form of a consignment booth. It is also permitted to have more than one person to create a space.
    Note, however, that the same contents can be consigned to only one exhibitor.

Q Can I exhibit at a combination of PC world and Quest world?

  • Yes, a single exhibitor (account) can apply up to 9 exhibition formats. Please select the application depending on your exhibition content.

Q Can I exhibit something other than 3D models?

  • Yes, you can. Exhibits other than 3D models are possible.
    For example, we had following exhibits in previous events:
    • VRoid texture
    • Manga, photo books, and novels about VRChat
    • Announcement of limited-number model
    • Call for production service of tailor
    • made model- VTuber Activities

Q After paying the exhibition fee, can I get a document to prove the transaction?

  • Vket Store, the infrastructure used for exhibition fee payment transaction, does not issue receipts.
    The statement issued by your credit card company will be your receipt.
    You can check your payment history from the "Allocation Lottery Results" page accessed via "MyPage" in this website.


  1. Open ""MyPage"" from the icon located in the top right corner.
  2. Open "Allocation Lottery Results" in the left column menu of "My Page".
  3. Check your payment history in the "Allocation Lottery Results" page.

Q Does my exhibit have any problem with the terms and conditions?

  • Please make your own judgment on your own responsibility. We cannot answer individual questions.
    On exhibiting, please make sure to read the Terms and Conditions for Vket Event Exhibition, especially 2.Items Prohibited From Exhibiting and 3.Representation and Warranty of Exhibit, as well as the terms of one of the event platforms VRChat including the Terms and Conditions and Community Guidelines.
    Please also note that in case your exhibition was canceled or your exhibit was removed due to being judged to be in violation of these terms, the exhibition fee payed will not be returned.
    While the limitations on these terms should be judged on a case-by-case basis by the Virtual Market organizers and the platform, there have been cases where the following exhibits are either refused exhibition beforehand or removed based on the Terms and Conditions:
    • Items implying child pornography
    • Items implying child prostitution
    • Items not appropriate for 13 years old players, the minimum age eligible for VRChat usage.
    • Items with the primary objective of advertisement and inducement for services operated by corporate entities not directly related to the Virtual Market or the event platform.
    • Items that promote or advertise NFT or blockchain technology.

Note that it is prohibited for corporate entities to exhibit as a General Exhibitor except for special cases.
Avatars set on the pedestals in your space also need to abide by the above rules.

Q Can I regard the fanfictions as having attained permission from the original author if the original work issue fan-fic guidelines?

  • We as the organizer cannot make judgment on such cases. Please exhibit on the exhibitor’s own responsibility.
    In principle, you need to follow the original author's guideline and make the exhibition on your own responsiblity.

Also, if there were request from the original author to the organizer, we may remove the exhibit.

Q Can I exhibit NFT?

Corporate exhibition/ sponsorship / media

Q I would like to have a corporate exhibition/sponsorship.

  • For corporate exhibition/sponsorship, please contact us from here.

Q I am a member of the press. Can I contact your public relations department?

  • For media coverage, please send us your media request through our inquiry form.