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Virtual Market 2023 Summer

Schedule 2023.7.15 SAT 10:00 - 2023 7.30.SUN 23:00 JST
入場無料 / For free


About Virtual Market

What is Virtual Market? It's the largest market festival virtual reality has to offer, where users can buy and sell 3D items/avatars, as well as real-world products like food, clothing, and PCs.
The event sees over a million visitors from around the world and even holds multiple Guinness World Records™.

* A Guinness World Records™ was achieved for having "most booths at a virtual reality market event".

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how to enjoyhow to enjoy

How to enjoy Virtual Market

  • Exhibit at Virtual Market

    Creators and companies can exhibit their contents in Vket.

  • Explore the creators' worlds

    Visit regular exhibitor worlds to look around creators' works. You can try on their 3D models or even purchase them in the mesmerizing world!

  • Experience the corporate exhibitions

    Many contents and ads will be in the company worlds. Experience the cutting-edge virtual worlds!

  • Get promo offers and deals

    Try the many promo opportunities that exhibiting companies and Vket official have to offer. Check our official Twitter and website!

  • Join the events

    There will be many events held as well! Come join the worlds and let's all have fun together!

  • Watch the official streams

    Don't miss our official Vket streams! There will be streams with VTubers and celebrities!

  • Watch the content creators’ streams

    Many streamers will also be streaming. Officially endorsed Collab streamers will tour the worlds!

  • Come hang out with people

    Make new friends in events such as Vket Beginners Day and Core Time! You may also meet exhibitors!

March 24, 2023
Exhibitor Application starts
April 7, 2023
Application deadline
April 19, 2023
Announcement of 1st wave drawing results
April 26, 2023
Payment deadline
May 8, 2023
Announcement of 2nd wave drawing results
May 15, 2023
Payment deadline
May 26, 2023
Submission starts
June 2, 2023
Submitted data is being added to the Preview World.
June 30, 2023
Submission deadline
July 15, 2023
Virtual Market 2023 Summer starts
July 30, 2023
Virtual Market 2023 Summer ends
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Vket chan


Virtual Market 2023 Summer Theme


Connections between People and People

Connections transcending Space and Boundaries

Connections linking Imagination and Creation

Vket — and in turn, virtual reality, exists and shall continue to exist as a place where people, creations, ideas and more can “CONNECT” with each other.

It’s these connections that drive our virtual realm forward, and that also goes for the real world too…

2023’s Vket will take the next step forward to “CONNECT” the virtual world and the real world.

Come take this step with us to “CONNECT” to a never-before-seen world!

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  • Web Browser Venues

    - Enjoy the contents easily without app

    General|Web Browser

    Corporate worlds will be listed once the event starts.

  • Quest venues

    - Wear Meta Quest series headset to dive into the Quest compatible worlds in VR.


  • PC Desktop Mode

    - Visit VRChat venue from PC desktop


  • PC VR Mode

    - Experience the best of VRChat with VR using your PC



  • Low performance of your device and internet may hinder the enjoyment of the event.
  • Web browser venue and VRChat venue are not connected and you may not see visitors on the other venue.
  • Some worlds in VRChat venue cannot be entered with Meta Quest serieis headset only.
  • Some promo deals and events are limited by the venues.

What is VRChat?

An app which you can log in with your avatar into the Metaverse and hang out with tons of people. VRChat can be played on a Windows PC or MetaQuest.

Attend real event

This time around, we will have a real event in Akihabara, titled Virtual Market 2023 Real in AKIBA, to be held on July 29 and 30! The event will connect the real and virtual worlds.

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  • 2023/04/08

    Exhibitor application has closed. The first lottery results are planned to be announced on April 19.

  • 2023/03/24

    Join Vket2023 Summer Official Discord to interact with other exhibitors and visitors! Join from here.

  • 2023/03/24

    Vket2023 Summer exhibitor application has started! Sign up by April 7 at JST: 11:59 pm, UTC: 2:59 pm, EST: 10:59 am!


Virtual Market 2023 Summer Official Shop


Held at

  • Experiences in VRChat
  • Vket Cloud