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Concept Art:HagurumaRapt

WorldEnd:Utopia - Regrowth

WorldEnd:Utopia - Regrowth is a tale about a land that achieved peace, about regeneration. Peace was brought about by the one unnamed, who averted the crisis set in motion by the rebooting Tower of Conclusion. Amidst the newborn silence, the sun sets, and then rises once again. The machines that took refuge observe the world carefully, while the remaining few visit to rebuild the world. "Oh, NEMESYS, the tower that finished its duty. Why is it the inperfect ones that live?" "So, NEMESYS. To live. What does that... what does it mean to have life?" Even after all the questions, there's not enough. The piece that defines what living beings mean to be living. For WorldEnd:Utopia to become a true utopia... ---Would the bud bloom once more?