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Concept Art:Tomomi TOMIDA

The Alter Vista

Are you the "Yourself" you wish to be? Your "Avatars" act as passports that take you to the virtual side. Just like you dress up and wear makeup in reality, what if you could explore your look over here? Get to find the "Yourself" you had in you? This is Alter Vista, a mall of showcases where you can explore such encounters. Glimpse into new worlds, places where people can present themselves in their best, not bound by the shackles of the physical world. Such worlds await you, the many different vistas. We look forward to seeing how the view would frame your sparkling image.

Crescent Calm

Key Words:
  • Avatar
  • Fashion
  • Real clothes
  • Shopping mall
  • Deconstructivism
  • Photoshoot
  • Magazines

Peak Passion

Key Words:
  • Costumes
  • Fashion
  • Real clothes
  • Showcase
  • Post-modern
  • Photo exhibit
  • Fashion magazines