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Concept Art:Yuuri

Imperial Scorchclad Gorivagg

This is the "Imperial Scorchclad Gorivagg", a military empire nation plotting to rule all of Mahola. Standing proud between the continent-splitting crevice and its magma terrain, the walls here are inpenetrable! Day in and day out, it's these molten streams that heat and power our equipments. Even gainst the harsh environment, many fearless species work here to utilize the rich minerals and craft a convenient life. Carried down the generations, the emperor ruling Gorivagg bears a big dream, to unify Mahola into one. Sending troops anywhere and everywhere to challange other capitals, the handy tools are there to support the cause. Enrollments are open anytime! So why not try the exam?

Blazewall Visit

Key Words:
  • Active volcano
  • Magma
  • Earth's blessing
  • Locomotive
  • Smelting
  • Miner's life
  • Mining
  • Mokuri

Palace Training

Key Words:
  • Lava zone
  • Lava
  • Power of nature
  • Castle walls
  • Military empire
  • Weapons manufacture
  • Smithery
  • cross-race coexistence