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Concept Art:Mitsuru Tokishiro

Parareal Osaka

Hey there! Thanks for coming to Virtual Market! You're in one of the parareal cities right now, they're places where virtual environments and reality cross paths. After its spectacular entry in Virtual Market 2022 Summer, Parareal Osaka is back to give you a taste of a "New World"! Adorned by the many newly-established pavilions, Parareal Osaka is currently hosting "Universe of All Nature", an exhibit of possibilities, ones beyond norms of reality! Expect Takoyakis to be in literal boats, the river of Doutonbori to spit into a ravine, and the Konnichiwa Tower to shoot off to space! Both Parareal Osaka and its "Universe of All Nature" operates in bounds outside common conceptions, so even the sky isn't the limit! Now then, are we all prepared to say that line? Let us shout together! Nan-deyanen! (What the heck!)