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Concept Art:YokoSugawara

Parareal Dubai

Welcome to Parareal Dubai! We've gathered today in celebration of the biannual Virtual Market! To welcome you all, we've been putting our minds together to prepare our finests of accommodations and the most enjoyable of events. Parareal Dubai was constructed with our utmost respect for Earth's civilizations, and managed under efforts of maximum sincerity. ---So please don't feel alarmed, and enjoy the intersteller journeys when visiting us. We hold no intentions to invade or sabotage Earth's civilization. We merely seek to understand your ways of life through emulation and imitation. ---To understand the complex nature of your "Emotions"... ---To understand the driving force that is your "Commotion"... Let us put aside the feuds of the past. For the dissipation of boundaries between us Axal Empire and Earth Confederation, along with the Parareal Interstellar Alliance...