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Concept Art:HagurumaRapt

Kowloon Empire Hachiban Ward

(Bzzt... crackle....) ----- Incoming message from HQ to the agent. Unlocking voice communication.----- (Static....) "I hope you can hear me... My name is Spires. There's been a circulation of dark rumors about Kowloon Empire lately... Your mission this time, is to infiltrate the empire and investigate what's going on behind back. According to intel, the Hachiban(Eighth) ward is a factory district responsible for producing military supplies. There seems to be a hidden port of sorts there, acting as the loading bay. That will be your only point of entry. It'll be a difficult task for most... but... ...You aren't that "most", are you...? (chuckle) Keep your head low. I'm counting on you." (Bzzzt... Static...) ----- Voice communication ended.----- ----- Voice data has been terminated.-----

Phantom Ops

Key Words:
  • Cyberpunk
  • Factory
  • Munition
  • Heavy equipments
  • Spy
  • Robots
  • Covert operative
  • Research facility

Code Silent

Key Words:
  • Underground
  • Factory
  • Weaponry
  • Nuclear reactor
  • Agents
  • Junk
  • Simulacrum
  • Human experiment