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Concept Art:Hiroshi Oonishi

Aquedust Capital Avidaar

Well well, traveler. How nice of you to bring yourself this far. The trip over must’ve been rough? Nothing but dust and rocks out there… heh heh. Welcome to Avidaar then! The city of sand, water, and sorcery, staged right on top of a massive oasis! Rarely do we get tourists here, and since we don’t engage in trade with outside nations, you can expect to see a unique culture that’s taken root. Now, feast your eyes on these plethoras of magical tools! Any of these curious items were specially made in our land, you won’t be finding these anywhere else. And looks like you’re in luck today friend! This over here is a mystic jar, said to house a spirit that grants a wish every 1000 years! The enchanted key over there can unlock three of any door you want! We’ve got many more items in store for you… Take your time… look around, and tell me what you find.

Open Sesame

Key Words:
  • Desert
  • Oasis
  • Noon
  • Magical supplies
  • Shopping district
  • Petals in the air
  • Flourishing capital


Key Words:
  • Desert
  • Oasis
  • Evening
  • Magical tools
  • Smugglers
  • Lanterns in the air
  • Bewitching spellcity