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A Guide on How to Enjoy Virtual Market 2023 Winter

Join Events and Participate in Promos!

During Virtual Market event period, various events will take place in VRChat and Web Browser Venues! Also, there's tons of promos / giveaways held by Vket official and exhibiting corporations to join!

Showcase of Virtual Market Features! Vket Official Stream

Don't forget to check the official streams during the event! Various streams include a tour around corporate exhibits, promotiong all exhibition booths by the Vket staff, and even more!

Found your fave? Featuring more than 170 streamers on the ambassador/collab streams!

The official "Collab Stream" on Vket venues has been bigger than ever, all streamers are sure to stream fun and interesting moments! The Vket Ambassadors will not only stream at Vket venues, but also make an appearance on Vket official streams as well!

Meet the exhibitors! Coretime and Visit Announcements

The coretime will be the best timing to directly meet the exhibitors on Vket2023 Winter! Check the Visit Announcements to know when you can meet your favorite creators!

For real and for virtual! Get your souvenir at the official goods shop!

From exclusive 3D models only on Virtual Market, and physical merchandise of all sorts! Accessories for your avatar and props for your world... even the official soundtrack! Many goods await you to be enjoyed during and after the event.

Web Browser venue events... for joining from your web browser!

During the event, the "Creator's Commentary Tour around the Web Browser Venue" will be held every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. JST! See the world and listen to the how-tos on creating it! By completing the exclusive medals by hunting around the venue, you can get a special gift to be used at My Vket! Even more talk events will be held as well!

Unrevealed world settings and lore! Check the Vket Producer's Letter!

If you want to know more about Virtual Market, don't forget to check the producer's letter! All venue worlds are hidden with secrets and untold lore... If you are the kind that can't bear to know underplots and backstories, this is the ultimate bible!

【MyVket】You will receive avatars and other items that appear in the VRC world "Hotel Gajou-en"!

A limited-time campaign is underway to give away character avatars that appear in the "Hotel Gajou-en" a top-class hotel featuring the finest in luxury from around the world! In addition, rooms based on the motif of one of the hotel rooms have been implemented as room types. Please take your memories of the "Hotel Gajou-en" back home with you!